Friday, September 12, 2014

Emily West is Great!

So because of my background in Radio for 13 years, I have had the opportunities to meet some awesome artists.. It made me think to write this because one of them is back on TV, and I was super excited. Tons of singers, songwriters, musicians came through our conference rooms in hopes of landing a great record deal and climbing to the top of the charts.. Some that I saw were ok.. Some were terrible.. Some were awesome.. and Some were people I couldn't forget. Those were few and far between.. but I'll tell you who they were..

1) James Otto--This guy had a #1 hit with "Just got Started Loving you" (SEE HERE) and I love him. I still do. I'm hoping he gets another shot at it, because he's one of the most talented people I know. Soulful voice that is so original. He lost his record deal a few years ago, but I've kept up with him on Twitter and Facebook and I think he's working on releasing some new music soon. He is also an excellent song writer.. he co wrote "In Color" For Jamey Johnson.. I. Love. James. Otto.

2) Randy Houser--I'm so proud of this guy, as I think he has FINALLY made it! He had a pretty big hit with "Boots On" but has had even more success with his sophomore Album that includes "Good night Kiss" and "Running out of Moonlight" and now he has a new song called "Like a Cowboy".. This guy was awesome, and hilarious.. and he giggled which made me giggle.. Super thick country drawl, super cute, and a voice that at times sounded like Ronnie Dunn.. Love him. (See him HERE)

3) Zac Brown Band--Now these guys were kinda kooky when they came through.. The first thing they did was ask me where a whole foods was located (we did not have one at that point) So I tought they were a bunch of Hippies.. But when they started to play I knew they were something special.. Like 6 months later "Chicken Fried" comes out and the rest is history.. (see here).. We also saw them a few months later after they had blown up, and Zac actually cooked for us back stage at the Zoo, and made pork chops.. so he went up a notch in my book after that..

4) Easton Corbin--When this guy came in my first thought was "Man this guy sounds just like George Strait" and he's pretty much made a career on that! He's still got that twang and picks really good songs. He was super nice, and talented.. See him HERE Disregard that I'm in a cup costume.. It was Halloween..

5) Justin Moore--At the time when I first met Justin he had barely even signed his record deal. He sang a BUNCH of songs. I remember thinking "Is this accent real?"..(More here)  The other thing I remember is him is he is like 5'5 and has a song called "I can kick your ass".. I remember thinking Can you Justin? Can you? But.. I think he probably could. He's a wiry guy.. and those kind can sneak up on ya and smack you around. I knew a hockey player in Corpus that was the same way.. smallest guy on the ice, yet made more people bleed than most.. lol See him HERE:

6) Emily West--Some of you may or may not know her.. but right now she is a top 6 finalist on America's Got Talent. I was so freakin excited to see her on there.. She was awesome in person.. She does impersonations that are hilarious! (SEE HERE) Great sense of humor, and such a beautiful voice. I got her to try Calf-fries for the first time at Toby Keiths! I saw a lot of cute blondes come through the studio, but I can tell you, NONE of them  had the talent that she has. She had a record deal too, and put out some singles "Rocks in your Shoes" "My Kind of Happy" and then she did a song called "Blue Sky" with Keith Urban singing Backup.. I thought for sure she would be a huge star.. but then she lost her record deal and I never heard much about her other than what I would see on Facebook.. Then I saw her on America's Got Talent and I was so excited! I hope she wins the whole thing.. She's talented enough to do it, and such a great person. At the least, I hope she gets a record deal out of the thing! Here she is singing "Blue Sky".. 

There were others that I loved too.. Lance Miller is amazing, and I still talk to that guy. He's so great. He's actually having quite a bit of success as a song writer for Tim McGraw's record label. He co-wrote a song from Jarod Neiman that was a big hit..."I Can drink to that all night".. so I'm super proud of him.. Gloriana came through the studio, David Nail, Love & Theft, and a few others.. but those are the ones I remember thinking "Yup.. thats some good stuff"..

So Look for Emily next week on America's Got talent.. and vote for her.. She's so great, and I am excited that she got this 2nd chance! I linked her singing "Nights in White Satin".. so good.. So good.. You can watch all her previous performances from that link.. I hope she wins!

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