Thursday, April 4, 2013

Here's how you know you're cool..

Well here we are 30 weeks now.. Saw my Dr. last week.. Next goal is 32, then he wants me to go 36. I have no idea how I'm going to get to 36. Right now it hurts to walk, turn over, and basically live day to day, lol.. I think its much worse on ME, because (thankfully) I have been exceptionally healthy my whole life.. I'm not a whiner, and I have a high tolerance for pain.. but this is by FAR the hardest thing I've done ever.. I'm Pretty sure they will be worth it.. I hope they are, because I can tell you I'm NOT doing it again.. He measured my belly for fun.. At 29 weeks I measured 35 weeks.. (Which is what my belly would be like if I was having just ONE).. so awesome.. lol..

We had a great weekend and week this week. I had my shower on Saturday at the Jubilee Market, and it turned out Great! We got some amazing stuff, had amazing food, and an awesome time visiting and hanging out. I was so grateful for all my great friends and great gifts for the girls. I loved it, because I honestly have the most random group of friends ever, and I LOVE it. You just never know what is going to happen with those folks, and its always funny, and always entertaining.

On Sunday we all got up and went to Easter Service at Crossings and it was awesome. I can't tell you how great the music is there.. Yes, I love Marty, and his preaching, but the music is just amazing. Love it.

On Monday we my Sunday School class had a shower for me. It was diapers and wipes, and MUCH appreciated! My friend Cat put together the cutest video of MJ.. It was kinda like the Newlywed game in which she asks him questions about the girls, and pregnancy, and i see if I can guess his answers.. We actually did pretty well! It was so sweet and it will be something I will show the girls later on.. so Cool. They also got me a diaper cake, and I loved that. I'm so blessed to have such an awesome Church Family.

Mom is having her "Glam-ma" shower on Saturday, so that will be fun. All of her friends will be there to celebrate her having her first grandkids.. and me being awesome and having two at a time, because that how I roll. It will be in Elk City, so it will be nice to see everyone.

Well, the truth is with this pregnancy I just keep getting sexier and sexier.. What? No. I'm not serious. I had to go to a 'sleep study' a few weeks ago because apparently I yell out random things in the night and flail my legs.. Which is cool.. Unless you are MJ or the dogs, in which you think I'm psychotic.. So I go do this sleep study, and it sucks. Why? Because I pee every 3 hours, and when I try to roll over I'm hooked to 732 probes that make it a huge pain.. But I power through, and as it turns out, I need a Cpap machine.. Ooo yay! Sign me up! Now not only do I have a huge ugly grandma gown at night and a big belly, I have a sweet ass machine on my face that makes me look like a fighter pilot! Know whats cooler? MJ has one too! Yes, we are truly a sexy couple..

Well I've had the Cpap machine (I named her Cpapia) for 2 days now, and I really kinda hate her. I mean I sortof love/hate her. The first night she was ok, and I do think she made me sleep better.. But last night she and I got into a huge fight in which she tried to choke me out in the night and I flung her off my face! I have to have the full face mask (because another awesome thing in pregnancy is that your nasal passages swell at night and you can't breathe out your nose) so when I have her on, it makes my throat and mouth super dry because she is blowing air into it.. So I wake up and try to get a drink with that thing on my face, and start hacking and choking. That was about 4am, so I just rolled the dice and slept without it the rest of the night. I'll try again tonight, but its just weird. MJ doesn't have this problem because he has the kind that just goes up his nose.. Mine is more confining and like a hannibal lector mask by the time you get it all strapped to your head. We'll see what happens with this.

 I've been resting as much as I can.. Just when I thought I couldn't get any lamer, I've realized I'm lamer. MJ and I went to see "GI JOE" because as previously mentioned, I love the Rock. We watched it in 3D and it was really good.. Although the babies did not like the loud-ness of it, and began kicking me. Or maybe they just loved the Rock too and were high-fiving me? Either way..

The rain was awesome this week.. What a blessing.. I hope it helped Lake Hefner a bit.. Oh, another ridiculous story I should tell you... The morning after I finished the Sleep study, I woke up and took my pills..(I have two pills that I'm supposed to take before Breakfast).. So I take them and wait for them to discharge me.. Well when I walk out of the clinic, I'm feeling all weird.. but I haven't slept much, so I'm thinking thats normal.. Well I decide to walk into Panera Bread, and I remember feeling like my legs were like trunks and heavy. I walk up to the counter and say, "I want some Cinnamon".. and she says "What kind" and I say "What do you like".. lol.. I have no idea.. Then I get into my car, and Call MJ. I tell him "I think there is someone riding beside me in the car, and all the traffic lights look like Christmas'. He of course finds this odd, but we boh are just thinking its because I haven't slept much.. Well after I get home, I realize why I'm being so bizarre.. Instead of taking my thyroid medicine, I took an AMBIEN instead!! OMG.. When I was telling Dr. Goff this story "He said the person riding beside you was your guardian Angel!".. lol.. So thankfully I made it through that little ditty.. they are both tiny, yellow pills, so I guess I put the wrong one in the pouch. I'm taking so many vitamins these days, its easy to do! And.. I do have really great Guardian Angels!!! XXOO

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