Wednesday, March 27, 2013

 Twinnies at Twinny8 Weeks! (See what I did there) lol..Clever.
Well here they are! We went and saw them last Friday and they looked great on the Ultrasound.. Baby B is up top.. she was being photogenic.. Baby A is on the bottom. she hid her face most of the time, and then at one point said "Talk to the hand".. and said no to the paparazzi, lol.. Jordan was like "yay Baby A, you show them!! lol.. They are pretty big, A is 2.13 lbs, and B is 2.14 lbs.. Everything on them looked great..

Nothing has really changed with me.. nothing worse, nothing better, so I'll take that. As long as the girls are doing good and growing, I'm happy with that.. I'm having one of my showers on Saturday. It should be fun to see everyone and eat some Lemon bars! Never in my life have I cared more about sweets than now.. I long for cakes, cookies, and pies.. and of course hot fudge sundae's from Braums.. I mean who doesn't?

Have you guys been watching "The Bible" on the History channel? Its so good! MJ & I have enjoyed it so much.. Love it because they stay pretty true to the bible, and I also love it because so many people are watching it. I'm super excited about Easter Service at Crossings.. This will be my 5th year in going there and the first time I visited there it was Easter and I thought.. Man, this is the church for me! The music was just tremendous! Mom is coming up for the Shower on Saturday and will stay and go to church on Sunday.. Brandon is bringing his kiddos along too, so it will be a fun day. I love sharing my church with other people.

The Nursery is DONE! Yes, DONE! Brandon came over and put together the changing table for us, and that was the last thing.. here's some pics..
I love my big puffed chairs.. I had to get two big arms so I could rock them both.. Love my bedding, and I love all the glitter on the walls!! Everything turned out so cute. We do have a wooden sign that we are waiting on to come in.. It looks like this..
So once that gets in, and hung, we will be good to go. I have another Dr. Appointment tomorrow wtih Goff. I don't think we will know much more than we do now, other than check their heartbeats and make sure all is well with them. He usually doesn't Ultrasound me there..
I saw where Lincoln comes out on DVD tomorrow.. I never did get to see it, so we will probably try to watch that.. I'm also pretty excited about the new GI JOE movie.. Because I love GI JOE? Hell no.. because I love THE ROCK! And then you throw in a little Channing Tatum? I ain't mad atcha.. So since we are off work on Friday, I may see if MJ can be talked into taking me.. See the cool thing about GI Joe, is it looks like a 'guys' movie.. so guys will want to go to it, and girls will want to stare at the Rock and Channing Tatum.. Its a Win/Win..
I had to go back in for a 2nd sleep study.. I hated it. I mean really.. What good can come of trying to sleep study a pregnant woman? I wake up every 3 hours to Pee..(Baby A's feet are on my bladder) I roll over constantly because I run out of air (Baby B has her feet near my lungs). I keep rolling because my legs go to sleep from being on my side. SO I'll be shocked if they got ANY information out of that little ditty.. Supposedly I don't have sleep Apnea, I have sleep Hypothia. What's that? Who the hell knows.. its something like I don't breathe deep enough.. I went in for the sleep study because I yell out in the night like a weirdo. I go to sleep really fast, and then I'll be all "AHHHHHH!" and scare the crap out of MJ and the dogs.. Its weird, I know.. I have no idea why. They said (from the 1st study) it was because I went into REM sleep so quickly and started dreaming.. So I doubt they can fix out my random yelling.. we'll see. They put a Cpap machine on me and  felt like I was suffocating, so who know.. I'll report back.
Still no names folks.. probably not happening until they come out.. I can tell you one thing, if they are anything like me or their dad, they will be hard headed.. thus the reason for no names. The Sweet dog babes are good.. although Rally is looking more and more like he came from Pet Cemetery.. I know, its awful to say, but he's 14, and he roams around like a random person living in our house.. He still seems happy, and gets around Ok, so we just try to keep him happy. Pays & Saw went to the groomer and are so cute!
 Keep us in your prayers, we want to keep baking the babies till 36 weeks.. I feel 'ok'.. I think I feel as good as can be expected at this point.. being pregnant with twins.. being giant.. peeing all the time.. and being kicked in the crotch.. That is all for now!


  1. They really are real! Cute little girls. I have been super sick this week....far sicker than last week. But...tonight I'm getting better and should be good by Saturday. I didn't know there were going to be lemon bars! I love lemon bars.

  2. I'm so happy you are coming along so well...with God's grace you will be fine.....He can do all things and when He is ready for those precious little girls to make their intro into this world, they will appear...and by the way....I STILL like the sweets....sweets for the sweetest.....