Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Who knew THAT? Not me..

Sorry I've been a bit absent.. I have learned more about pregnant lady bodies in the past week than I've heard about in my whole life..

I had an appointment with Dr. Mirabile (my perinatal dr) last week
and we were all excited to see the girls.. Mom came up to go with us because she had not seen them in awhile.. Dr. Mirabile was out of town, so I saw his Colleague, Dr. Smith, who was awesome.. We are just kicking it, having a great ultrasound and good news.. Babies are big for 26 weeks.. Baby A was 2.6 lbs, baby B was 2.8 lbs.. Looked great! Then BOOM She honky Slaps us right in the face!!! Well.. not literally.. but almost with terrible news!! It was all going so Well!

Apparently my cervix had shortened, which is pregnancy land is bad news.. Of course I knew none of this.. I knew that you wanted it to stay long and closed, but I didn't know that it was a deal breaker at the time..

So she starts telling us about what has happened, and why its a big deal.. (Its a big deal because if your cervix shortens and dilates the babies will want to comeout).. Mine had went from a 3.5 to a 1.5, which in a months time is NOT great.. So we kinda went into panic mode.. At first I was all calm and smooth.. I'm all "So I guess I'll just go home and make an appointment?" and she's all "No, we're going to wheel you over to labor and delivery right now".. WHAT! OK.. Now I'm in Panic mode.. and so is mom.. I'm realizing that this is a BIG deal.. So they do wheel me over to L&D and they get me checked in to a lovely room, hooked up to a bunch of monitors, and we wait..

We are waiting to see if I'm having contractions.. At first I'm not.. which is awesome.. but then I have 5 back to back..which is NOT cool.. So I get a shot in the arm to stop them, and thankfully they do stop.. The irony? I don't even feel them.. I'm that cool.. not really...

So I have to stay overnight.. They call Dr. Goff and he comes to check on me.. The contractions stop and he gives me some Meds for what I like to call a "Irritated Uterus".. and do you blame it? I mean really? I'm carrying almost 6lbs of babies, and they are HEAVY.. and that only accounts for the baby pounds not all the rest of the fluid and all that jazz..so Yeah, My uterus was mad.. I don't blame her.. But anyway.. I stay in the hospital for awhile, and then since everything had quietened down, I got to go home.. I'm not on "Modified bed-rest" which means I'm not an invalid, but I'm pretty much a princess..which Is pretty great.. lol.. Not really. I'm not the kinda gal who can just sit around, so its been irritating, but our first goal is to make it to 28 weeks (thats on Friday) because thats a big milestone for the babies.. Then 30..then 37!

I had mom bring Miss Pays to the hospital because I missed my sweet girl, and was so happy to see them when I got home.. Now they keep me company while we wait till Friday. Good news is.. everything else was good.. babies look good.. blood pressure good.. babies hearts good, etc.. Just the irritable uterus, and the shrinking cervix..

Friday I go back and we re-check everything.. I'm really hoping everything will have gone back to normal. Its funny because when I got pregnant I figured I'd be one of those people who just sailed through it.. I've never been sickly, heck I can count on ONE hand how many times I've actually been SICK in my LIFE, so I thought pregnancy would be the same.. But I've quickly realized that having twins pretty much throws everything out the window. I'm so excited to see them, and what they look like.. But I'm also so scared. So many things can go wrong, and the hospital visit was a big wake up call for me.. I've GOT to slow down, and most importantly I've got to Let Go, and Let God have this. Otherwise I spend everyday worried out of my mind and wondering what is happening to my body.. I know he made these girls for MJ & I, and I know he has a plan.. I have to trust that plan for better or worse, and I do.. But please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers, because this is a very trying time for my family..

Can you imagine MJ having to wait on me? Yeah.. extra prayers for that guy! He's doing such a great job and he's so patient.. Feeling ok for now. I'll know more on Friday, and hopefully it will be good news!

In the meanwhile, I'll just be kickin' it..All of my friends and family have been amazing bringing us food and goodies. I have a great crowd of folks around me, and around the girls!!

I did get to go to dinner with all my friends at my favorite Mexican Place on Saturday (Abels) and we had a great time. I tell you, I hang out with some funny  peeps..Love em!
PS.. Thought of some new names.. so far everyone still hates them.. we'll see if they stick.. Saxton & Sutton.. Still love Reese & Scout.. But MJ hates Scout..


  1. I'll be anxious to hear how things are on Friday! I had a good time on Saturday nite. I got home and passed out at the computer while trying to do a post. I woke thinking...I should not have drank. But I didn't drink! I felt like I had...I guess from all the food I ate. I could not stay awake and went to bed an when I woke up again my first thought was..."Why did I drink?" but I didn't drink. There must be MSG in their food perhaps.....or perhaps it was because I ate so much of it...that was probably it. But I had a great time. Hope all is well this week.

    1. Don't you love Abels!! Its so good! I had a great time too.. Helped me take my mind off everything, and of course they say laughter is the best medicine and we had a ton of that!!! You painting will always be in the background thats my 'signature' pose and place, lol..I love it!

  2. Love how my painting is the backdrop in your pregnancy portrait!

  3. I like Reese and Sutton! Very nice names :) Welcome to Motherhood - it's a lifetime of worry and guilt, that you are not doing enough or doing too much for your kids. It's the best worry and guilt you will ever have! I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the babies. Sending lots of prayers your way from Canada....hang in there! :)

  4. Yes my vote is for Reese and Sutton too! I love those names together.

  5. I love both of them...they were both on our list ;O)