Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sugar & Spice & Everything else I want to eat..

So here we are.. almost 26 weeks now.. which means I'm roughly 10 weeks away from my goal! Twins are full term at 36 weeks, so I want to make it at least that far, so thats what we are shooting for.. I'm hoping to do this without having to go on bed rest, and still feeling ok.

I am feeling ok... I mean, its not great.. It starts off great in the morning after I've rested all night, but then I slowly go down hill.. And bending.. Oh geez. I would rather set the things I drop ON FIRE than  bend down and pick them up.. and wouldn't you know, when you really hate dropping things you only DROP MORE.. Its so annoying! Like Ice for example.. Every night I take a glass of Ice water with me to bed.. EVERY STUPID NIGHT the ice falls out of the ice maker and onto the floor. I swear it is taunting me.. Or my makeup.. Every day something like my mascara, a makeup brush, or a bobby pin falls on the damn floor and I have to bend down to pick it up.  And no, my feet don't really help me, because lately putting on socks is also a nightmare.. My legs and feet don't want to reach up..They are all "NO.. NO, I Can't do it! I Just don't have the POWER!"..  Being pregnant makes you really appreciate your bending abilities.. lol

Other than that though, I feel pretty good.. I haven't had (yet) any of the other things that some pregnant women have.. Haven't had heartburn which is good.. Really just feeling uncomfortable and having a hard time getting around is the only thing I have going on..So I feel blessed about that.

So my puffy glider rocker came in from Stork Vision.. ITs pretty great.. It has two giant arms, for my two big babies! We also got the Changing table/dresser in as well..but MJ has not put that together yet.. I can't say I blame him, it looks like a nightmare. WE've made a deal that I won't put stuff together anymore.. Why you ask? Because I don't read the directions, and then end up hot-gluing wood, or wiring things shut.. Yeah, its not good. I'll take some more pics once we get everything up and done.. I also painted a cute little shelf lime green.. It looks good, but we may not have anymore room!

We got back to Dr. Mirabile to see the skin babes on Monday. We will see how the excess fluid around them is doing..I still feel them kicking and moving around in there.. This morning they are on two opposite sides with their own space.. Sometimes they stay close to each other, but they were spread out today. I know this because I have one of those heart-rate monitor thingies at home, and I listen to their heartbeats.

The dog babes are doing good... Payslee enjoyed a lovely roast bone last night, and Sawyer was gnawing on a lovely deer antler.. I got them a CD called "Baby Sounds for Pets" and Pays is freaked out by it.. Sawyer could care less. It plays sounds of babies crying and cooing to get them used to the sound..But I think Miss P would rather see where the sounds are coming from, because right now she just stares at the CD player like its coming after her.. We took them to Canute this weekend and I left Saw out for like 20 minutes.. I go look at him, and he's a mud dog.. He's completely covered with a giant smile on his face.. He loves farm time. I've been taking them off leash to run at their field and I love watching him.. He is so free! So is Miss Pays.. Its my favorite thing to do with them! I love letting dogs be dogs.. which includes running, sniffing, playing, and just being free. MJ has been walking them each day, and they love that too.. I can't walk that far anymore, but he's been doing a great job with them. They love going with him too.. They are so sweet.. all of them!

MJ & I are thinking of snapping a few maternity pics.. but who knows. I seem to be unable to get inspired to get dolled up to do this, and this take pictures of my giant body.. But we'll see what happens.

So tonight I'm going in for a sleep study at the sleep clinic place.. I do not really have sleep apnea, but since being pregnant I can't really breathe at night.. I also have weird sleep habits.. Like I holler out in the night. MJ thinks this is odd, and disturbing, so he thought I should have it checked out as well.. Like for example..I'll drift off to sleep and then all the sudden I'll just scream "AHHHH!".. and it scares MJ, and the dog babes.. lol.. I have no idea why I do it.. I start dreaming immediately when I go so sleep, so I guess I'm always being active in my dreams. .Speaking of dreams.. People say your dreams get weirder when you are pregnant...but mine have always been weird. A few weeks ago I dreamed that I was at a place that was giving away free rides on giant multi-colored Ostriches and Llamas.. So I went for a ride on the Ostrich, and then when I got off I looked over and Saw Jesus walking down the road.. so I start screaming "Jesus!! Lord!! Jesus!" trying to get his attention.. He looks over and gives me a head nod, and keeps walking.. lol.. How great is that! No clue what that could possibly mean.. but I think anytime you dream about The Lord, its a good day!

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  1. That dream is too funny! I've never had a dream about multicolored ostriches or Jesus! Glad to hear you are doing well. I think it's funny that Jesus ...kind of dissed you in your dream. Love that poem about twins. Won't be long till those two girls are here. I can't believe it!