Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Easter Awesomeness

We had an amazing Easter. If you have ever been to Crossings for Easter, then you know there is no shortage of magic happening. We went to church.. A LOT.. lol.. But what better place to be around Easter!

On Monday I had Women's Bible Study.. Wednesday we had Small group.. Thursday we went to the Maundy Thursday Service.. Friday we went to Good Friday..and Saturday we went to the Easter Service. Marty had asked us 'regulars' to go to the Saturday service so that more people who were visiting the church could fit in on Sunday, so we did that. We met some friends there, and brought some friends of our own.. I could have picked better seats, but other than that, we had an Amazing Easter Service. My parents came up and we had a full day of fun Easter Activities.

We took the girls to look for Eggs at Classen Curve. They had an Easter Bunny there and it was all Cross could talk about.. "Da Bun. Da Bun." So when she saw him.. she waved really big..but thats where it ends. She didn't want to sit with him, or by him.. just loved him from afar.. she Still loves looking at his picture.

Classen Curve also had a bounce house. Cross loves these. She's a beast.. She flails and throws her body against the sides, and jumps.. Londyn prefers sitting in the bouncer and letting the other kids bounce her.. they had a good time. Then we all walked over to Uppercrust and had some Delish pizza.. All was well until Cross took JA and launched him across the table spilling Pa's tee.. Crosslee has a cannon for an arm. Her aim is unreal accurate, and her power is bizarre.. There's a reason we call her Crosszilla.. It was a great time.

Then last weekend we went to Sentinel to see Pops and Grammy.. and Cousin Ava, Joe, Luke, and 2nd cousin Everly were all there to play. It was like the running of the bulls! Cross & Ava became best friends and held hands running around the house.. Londyn did her own thing, and once Joe arrived Ava, Cross & Joe ran wild with their stick horses.. Only one episode of crying when Cross threw a block at Ava.. We are going through a 'throwing' phase right now.. its not great.. but I think its hard to understand as a Toddler why its ok to throw a ball.. but not ok to throw a rock.. So we are working on it.. Good news is she says "I Sowee"and Ava said "Iss Okay".. then they go right back at it.. Its pretty cute. They are all within 8 months of each other, so they are now getting to the age where its really fun for them to be together. And Really fun to watch.. they keep each other entertained. Ava & Cross would just laugh and laugh.. LL likes to watch them, but she's not sure about jumping in the middle of it just yet.. I can't blame her there.. Cross is a beast.

Tammy Hall took Easter Pics for us.. OMGOSH..She did amazing. She does Amazing work. She has an indoor and outdoor studio, and her back yard is an beautiful. She took so many good pics in such a short amount of time. She had a live bunny and he was so cute.. Cross loved him, and gave him some pets, kisses, hugs, and yogurt melts.. Check Tammy's stuff out at Tammy Hall Photography. She offers excellent packages with super deals. Look at some of these pics..

So we loved them.. We also stopped and took some pics in the beautiful Canola.. I took a picture in it when I was 35 weeks Pregnant.. took some of the girls last year... so we had to take some this year too..

Canola pics are easy to take.. because the fields are so pretty.. Plus we were able to drive right up to it, so thats helpful.

After we left Sentinel we went to Canute to see Gigi & Pa.. Pa put the girls in his "Calf-catcher".. for those that are not aware of this device.. its a device that he hooks to his 4 wheeler.. and when a new calf is born and he needs to give it shots and ear-tag it, he rides it up alongside the Calf and 'catches' the calf in there.. The cage protects both him and the calf.. making farm life much easier than getting trampled by a crazy mama cow.. So here's a little video of that magic.. because it can also be used as a fun Twin Ride!

So as you can see.. Pa is always coming up with fun things for them to do at the farm. I worry about the day when they don't want to come home with me anymore. 

So we have had a great couple of weeks. Excited that Spring is here! Keep on Twinning!!! 

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