Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Friday..Wedding weekend

We interviewed Wayne, our overnight Security guard here at KKNG. HE works from 10pm to 6am to keep us safe..He encounters ALL Kinds of interesting people throughout the night here at South Shields. He's been propositioned by a 76 year old prostitute, fought off wild dogs, and watched someone bleed through our parking yeah, he has an interesting job!

Well I'm off to do 'wedding stuff' this weekend. The Rehearsal is tonight. I'm singing "I Cross My Heart" at the 1st Baptist Church in Weatherford for Lexi, my half-sisters wedding to Brandon Hines. I hope they won't be riddled with disappointment! I've got to take the dogs to Canute first, then I'll head back to Weatherford. I am excited that we are eating at the T-Bone after the rehearsal. I love the T Bone in Weatherford! They have calf-fries! Woo hoo! They also have loaded Baked Potatoes which are magically delicious. I start what I like to call the "Blargh" diet Monday, so I'm going to enjoy all the fabulous food I can this weekend, knowing that I will be bidding it adieu!

I'm going to miss the Oak Ridge Boys show. I just won't have time to do the whole wedding, go back and get the dogs, then head back to the City..So my Oak Ridge Boys,I will miss you this time, but I shall see you again someday.

Oh, by the way..I'm now watching my dog babes on a webcam at home. You wanna see them: (Keep in mind, if you are reading this 'after hours' the webcam for them might not be on)

My crazy Neighbors kids were at her house yesterday, and they waved nicely to me, so maybe they are trying to 'build a bridge' for her since she is obviously insane.. You all have a weekend, and wish me luck in not humiliating my family at the wedding!


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