Monday, July 27, 2009

The Weddin' is Over!

Well the wedding turned out perfectly. Lexi (My sister) looked beautiful. Her dress was perfect for her, and the colors were dark Pink & Black. She married Brandon Hinz from Weatherford. His family has the auctioneer service in the Corn/Colony Area.

Friday night was the Rehearsal dinner. I was quite popular there telling funny radio stories about the ridiculous folks I work with, and country music stars. We had a good steak at the T-bone afterwards..Good times.

Saturday I had to be back at the church at 2:30 for pics. We got all of our pictures taken and the wedding started at 4.

In this pic its my dad, Joni, Brandon, Lexi, Grant & I. My dad didn't start crying until both of his girls were on the stage. I was singing, and Lexi was getting married. I knew better than to look at him because I would start crying.

I'm going to be honest, It was a little sad for me. I mean they were standing up there looking all happy and stuff, and I was thinking, "Where is my Prince Charming?".. I knew better than to look at my dad. He cries everytime I sing, so I knew he would make me cry.. Although I will say this.. after watching all the planning, and stuff I have no desire to have a wedding. That and I don't have any friends to invite! Haaay! I think I would like to just take some friends and family with me to the beach or something and get married that way. Or maybe a cruise.. Although I should probably focus on finding a man before I focus on the wedding...Just thinking outloud there..

Lexi had 4 bridesmaids, all in Pink dresses. They were cute dresses too! The Boys all wore black tuxes with Pink vests. It was a pretty wedding. At the reception they had.. dum dum dum.. A chocolate fountain! Delish! I didn't stay for the throwing of the bouquet, because the dogs were staying with Grandpa Steve, and had been in their crates for awhile..I watched them cut the cake, and serve the punch, and then I left.

Other than that, I didn't do much this weekend. Went to church with my parents yesterday and then watched the dogs play. Mom's puppy, Izzy, is getting bigger and bigger! Payslee will still play with her, but she is so rough that Pays gets tired of it quickly, so she will just ask me to pick her up. But Sawyer NEVER gets tired of it.. all they do is run and run. Izzy pulls Sawyer by his tail and drags him, but he doesnt' care.. He's just happy to play and play.. I'll post a video of them running as fast as they can tomorrow.

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