Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I had dreams about Michaell Jackson..

After watching Michael Jackson coverage for like 7 hours yesterday its no wonder that I had dreams about Michael Jackson last night! I did think his funeral was awesome though, and very tasteful. I loved all the performances and speeches. Even Al Sharpton didn't irritate me, and he usually does! I'm sad to see MJ go, but I thought his farewell was very nice.
Well Payslee & I went to "Manners Class" last night.. and she did so good that her teacher said she should already be in a more advanced class! Booya! Yup, my little angel is doing so great! We only have 2 classes left, but Pays has already learned all the commands. She will still finish the class, and then go directly into the therapy dog class, and hopefully get her therapy certification after that. I'm very proud of her for being such a good girl. Her teacher said she would make a perfect therapy dog. She is my biscuit. I've got to start working with Sawyer though. Lately he has found his 'voice' and loves to jump up and smootch me..Which is cute, but not very I'll have to get him onto the same page as Payslee. I'm not making Rally do any of it..I figure he is 11 years old, and has earned the right to do whatever he wants at this point!
Larry Gatlin was on the show today to talk about "Johnny Cash is dead and his house burned down".. I'll put it up on the Podcast, so if you missed it you can listen to it if you like. Have a great day!

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