Monday, July 13, 2009

Haunted weekend movie fun, Iraq pics

Sawyer likes to look at himself in the mirror..He knows he's pretty.. lol

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend! My parents came up and we had a funtime. Friday we went to eat at Buddah Tao and had delicous Salmon & Sushi..Then Saturday we went to see "Transformers".. Mom & Steve were less than enthusiastic about it, but it took me back to my childhood and I kinda loved Optimus Prime..I would give it 3 out of 5 stars. It wasn't as good as the first one.

Saturday night we went to the "Haunted Restaurant".. of course we couldn't find it, and had to call..but we did enjoy the lovely German woman on the phone who gave us directions. Once we got there we were impressed. Even though its out in the middle of no where, its an awesome atmosphere. No ghosts tried to kill us or anything, but the food was divine! Plus they had those little Melba toasts, and we love those, so it was fun. I had a steak and it was delish. Next time I have to save room for the German dessert!

Saturday I thought it would be funny to put Payslee's hair in Pigtails. My dogs have now figured out what 'take a picture' means. Seriously, they do..If I ask them to jump into a chair and say "Smile for mama"..they do.. As you can see Payslee does the "Open-mouthed Oprah" smile. Its amazing what you can teach them! She knows that I want her to smile, so she always does, and its so cute! Look at her face!

Sunday we went to Sams, where I got a delicious watermelon! Finally! I never pick good ones, but this one was good. The dog babes were acting like they wanted a bite, so I gave them one, and they Loved it! Their little munching mouth sounds made me laugh, but they did love some watermelon! It was so hot we didn't do much outside, but it was a fun weekend!

A couple of weeks ago I sent some music to one of our boys fighting for us in Iraq. He was from my neck of the woods, in the Sentinel Area. His name is Adam Rogers, and I thought it would be nice to send him some cd's, and a KKNG sticker. Well he put it to good use! Thanks for the pics Adam!

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