Friday, July 17, 2009

I hate trying on dresses & Farm songs..

So Yesteday I had to go get the dress I was going to wear to my sisters wedding. I hate trying on dresses and jeans. They are the WORST. Dresses, are probably worst of all though, because if you don't take someone with you, then who will zip it up? So I spent the first 4 dresses trying to put my hands over my head and around my back trying to zip it up! I was exausted! I finally found one that didn't make me want to throw up, but the stupid zipper was stuck on the side! So I had to take myself OUT of the dressing room (with my flesh hanging out) to ask the lady to help me zip it..She of course could not..So I ended up getting out of the dress, fixing the zipper myself, and buying it! What a pain! I did buy some sassy shoes though..I probably won't be able to wear them very long, since its like a 3 inch heel..but they are some SASS! And afterwards I went to Sephora and rewarded myself with some new lipstick and lipgloss..

So at least the 'dress' part is out of the way. She has decided the song will be "I Cross My Heart" and I can sing that pretty well, so I'm happy about that. I've talked to my brother Grant, and he's not bringing a date, so he can sit with me. Its next weekend.

This weekend is Shelly's birthday party. Its a "White" theme. I have no idea what I'm going to, really I'm going to wear WHITE. Brandon, Amy, Lauren & Angie are going with
me, so that will be funtimes. Its actually supposed to be nice all weekend, so I might not mind sitting outside.

I will probably not go see the "Harry Potter" movie, being that I have not seen any of the others, and I would probably be lost. Today is "Farm Song Friday".. its funtimes to hear songs about farming. My fav's are "Amarillo Sky" "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" and "International Harvester" I'm so glad we got the rain..that will hopefully help the farmers! I know our farmland is burning up! We got a good rain on the Northside. Rally woke me up at midnight..He was laying on my chest by my head. He gets scared during the storms, but not the babies..they just sleep on. Sawyer is a sound sleeper. Payslee will wake up every once in awhile to go outside. They are finally getting much better about taking a nap now.. Whew! You all have a fabulous weekend!

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