Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday fun for you and I.

Well welcome to Tuesday!
I went to Little Ceasars last night because I heard on the radio (thank you) that they had a Monday night $3.99 special.. and boy do they! I got there about 6:00 and there were a million people waiting in line for the pizza! But they were fast, and I got in and out rather quickly..and yup, you get a large pizza for $4.32! Not to shabby!
So I'm not going to lie..I'm a little excited that James Otto and I have been having Twitter conversations on Twitter.com. Its pretty magical.. Not that its anything that entertaining, but the point is that James Otto cares enough ABOUT ME to follow me and interact with me on Twitter, so Booya! I'm really excited to hear him sing some new stuff at the New Face Showcase show in August..Keep listening for your chance to win tickets!
There is a website called "PETCAST" and you type in your zipcode, and a few things about your dog and it will tell you the best time to walk your dog, how many mosquitos are out, etc.. Pretty cool idea.
Tonight Brad Paisley, Charley Pride and others will be at the white house. If you want to follow the action go to THE WHITE HOUSE to watch! I wont get to watch it, because Payslee, Sawyer and I will be going to the last "Manners" class in Norman. I'll tivo it. Mom is coming up today for a meeting so we will have lunch together..Hooray! Have a good day!

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