Friday, July 10, 2009

No Accordion Friday

Sorry, I didn't play the accordion today..Helen was sad, but she's just too much to haul to Cattlemens, and since thats where we were, I couldn't do it. So I'll play it on Monday. I enjoyed my delicious pancakes this morning! The Breakfast is so good at Cattlmens!

Well this should be a fun weekend. Mom & Steve are coming up and we are going to go to the Haunted Restaurant. Its a steakhouse thats off by the Cowboy Museum on Mirimar Road. I've never been there, but I've had several people tell me its a neat place, so we're excited to go. They are going to go to the zoo, but I think it will be WAY to hot for my sweet self.. lol.. I'll melt.

I might go to the Movies this weekend..I need to clean house, but I'm not motivated. I took the dogs to the dog park on Tuesday night, but they didn't seem to enjoy it. There were 2 schnausers there and I guess they were playing too rough, because Payslee & Sawyer just kept running and hiding underneath a bench..They are still babies.. lol.. You guys have a great weekend!

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