Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hooray for funtimes

The website we were talking about this morning to automatically help you get a HUMAN when you call a number is: It has the numbers for the cell phone companies, computers, customer service, etc.. Its very helpful.

Last night Payslee & I went to class in Norman. Let me just say again, how much I am enjoying the road construction on I-35. It takes me over an hour to get from the North Side to Norman. RIDICULOUS. Then they decided to close all but ONE lane on my way home..Thanks Construction.. Thanks.

Anyway, Payslee did GREAT last night in class.. she was perfect on her 'sit' and 'stay' and 'down'. and walking..I'm just very proud of my sweet biscuit. She is very good at watching me, and listening the whole time. Since next week is the graduation class I'm going to take Sawyer too and see how he does. I'm not sure how he will be because he is kinda off in his own little land, but we'll try it.
We're thinking of doing a "farm Friday" in which we play all songs that pertain to Farming, and farm equipment..We had a ton of good suggestions this morning. I'll let you know if we ever get to do it..I would love it! Here's some suggestions.
High Cotton--Alabama
She thinks my tractor's Sexy--Kenny Chesney
John Deer Green--Joe Diffee
Country Boy--John Denver
Where Corn Don't Grow--Travis Tritt
Watermelon Crawl--Tracy Byrd
I'm from the Country--Tracy Byrd
Big Green Tractor--Jason Aldean
Amarillo Sky--Jason Aldean
I Never Picked Cotton--Roy Clark

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