Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Who loved the rain! Me Me!

I so enjoyed all day yesterday.. I love rain, and I really love ALL DAY RAIN. We only got .12 at my house, but it was enough to get the ground wet, and water the flowers. I had to give the dog-babes a bath yesterday after Sawyer was at the farm. He thought it would be cool to put his face in the mud, so he needed a bath. Now they smell like Cake. Also for those of you who don't know, all my dogs have car-seats.. lol.. Here they are in their seats in the car.. Notice how Rally is just loving his in the back..He is funny to me.
This Morning we posted the 5 things to never wear on a plane..Very good INFO:


What you wear when you travel via air can be critical for keeping you comfortable and even safe in case of an emergency. If you want to be comfortable and safe while flying, don't wear these five things, according to Christopher Elliott of Tribune Media Services:

**Heavy perfume or cologne -- These scents may be your olfactory signature, but try to refrain before you board a plane. Perfume and cologne can permeate the interior of an aircraft, overwhelming and even sickening your fellow passengers.
**High heels -- Not only are high heels, especially stilettos, uncomfortable and restrictive on long flights, but also they can be a danger should you be forced to evacuate the aircraft using the inflatable emergency slides.
**Shorts -- No matter how warm it is in your departure city or your destination, it's cold on planes--even in the summer. Wear shorts, and you're sure to regret it.
**Light colors -- Dark-colored clothes travel better for several reasons. If you spill something, the stain is less likely to be noticeable. You especially will appreciate this if your luggage is lost or delayed, forcing you to wear your travel clothes for a second day. Also, avoid synthetic fabrics because they can be hot and sticky. Instead, choose clothing made of natural fibers, such as cotton in the summer and wool in the winter.
**Tight-fitting clothes -- Pants, tops, dresses or skirts that are too form-fitting may be sexy attire, but they aren't the best travel attire. Not only are tight-fitting clothes uncomfortable on long flights, but also they can be dangerous by escalating deep vein thrombosis. Choose loose-fitting, non-binding clothes.

Pretty excited about Today. Trent Tomlinson is supposed to stop by the station. I'm a big fan, so I look forward to seeing him and hearing his new music..I'm also going to try to get Trent to take his shirt off. He has like a 20 pack of abs!! Then tonight is the graduation class for Payslee in her "Manners" class. Sawyer will go along, and hopefully learn something!

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