Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello Tuesday.. welcome

Well Hello..
Its Tuesday, which means tonight is Payslee & I's next to last Manners Class in Norman Tonight. I've been working with her on sitting for a long time all week, so we'll see if it paid off.

Geesh..Its so hot. Its impossible to be outside. Yesterday though when I came home my neighbor (the one who mows my yard for me) had taken MY hose and hooked it up to MY faucet, and was watering MY yard. Isn't that odd? I mean, if I wanted to water my yard, wouldn't I? He stopped me in the yard, and said, "I'm keeping your yard in good shape" so I was like.. Okay.. I mean I didn't really know what to say at that point..so I just let him keep watering it.. lol.. Such is life with my strange neighbors.

Today we had a visit from a new artist, His name was Easton Corbin, and he did some great stuff..Check out our youtube link if you'd like to see his latest stuff!

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