Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crap day Thursday

Well yesterday was NOT a good day for me. I was already irritated that Adam didn't win on American Idol, so that didn't start it off well..Then I got to the studio and Bill kept going on and on about it jacking with me, so that irritated me..Then Psychic Cyndy came in and was telling me that I'm never going to get a date if I don't get out more, so that was kinda sad..Then Psychic Cyndy left her glasses in the studio, so on my way to take them to her, I got pulled over by a cop!! GAWW! Thankfully, I didn't get a ticket, but blargh..

Well I finally got home, and sat down in my chair ready to relax...when I hear some wrestling in the blinds..I think, "Hmm, it must be a large fly, or a large june bug".. Nope, about 2 seconds later a BIRD flew out of the blinds, and onto my fireplace wall! I'm of course freaked out..I mean it was a snake in the studio last week and now a bird in my house! So I figure that if I open my door maybe it will fly out.. it does not.. So I go down the street and ask some Random worker guy to come help me. He agrees..Here is the video, but I warn you that I start cussing when It Swoops **WARNING..LANGUAGE**

So I'm hoping today presents a better day..Lance Miller will be live in studio, so that makes me happy..and the New James Otto song "Since you Brought it Up" makes me very happy, so I'll revisit that.

On Wednesday I took the dogs to Lowes to buy flowers. I didn't realize that you could take them until one of our listeners, Virgina, told me she was taking her shih-tzu Mattie into I thought I'd give it a try. My dogs did great, but what made me laugh was this young guy who brought his two beagles into the store. They were riding in the buggy, but I guess they were a little too excited to see other 'dog friends' and one of them jumped out! His dad came over and scolded him, but he just kept jumping out.. I was cracking up, because for ONCE it wasn't my dogs being naughty!

Hope everyone is coming out to the Picnic tomorrow in Fairmoore Park. Softball at 2, Picnic at 3 with Lance come on! I'll be at the Dog jog on Monday doing the Emcee duties. It starts at 8, at Wiley Post Park, so bring out the dogs and we'll see you there!

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