Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cures that work for you..

This morning we talked about these home remedy cures that really work.. For cuts, bug bites, dandruff, blisters, etc.. If you want to see them click **HERE** I thought they were pretty helpful.

Well this evening we are supposed to be at the Redhawks game, assuming that it doesn't get rained out. Its KIDS EAT FREE so we'll be serving hot-dogs and nacho's to the kids.
Well the Big Alan Jackson show is coming up on Saturday. We will be giving away tickets all week on the morning show. Speaking of..Bill was out today, I'm saying that he kissed a Pig, and got Swine flu, however I think he just has a sore throat..which is much better than having the Swine!
Mom went to see Star Trek last night. She didn't like it, but I've talked to several other people who did enjoy it, so you'll have to go and tell me how it is so I can decide if I truly DO want to see it. I actually VOTED on Dancing with the Stars...I had to. Gilles was just too good not to throw my vote behind him.. Get it..BEHIND..Because he has a nice one??!!@@.. Okay, I digress..Anyway, I think it will either be the last night for Ty or Shawn..We'll have to see. Enjoy your day!

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