Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day weekend Fun

Well I had a great weekend. I was at Mark Heitz on Saturday and saw the new 2010 Chevy Camaro. Very Cool. Jenny, one of our fabulous listeners also brought her sweet shih-tzu to visit me. She was very cute. Mark Heitz is a dog friendly place, so I got to meet Zeke too, he's Mark's dog. He's a yellow lab, and a very sweet dog. We had a great time..

Then afterwards we headed West to visit my mom for Mothers Day. We got there to find her cleaning up the pool. She had just taken the cover off, and it was all green, and gross..It looked more like a Moat, than a Pool..She was fishing the leaves and debris out of it. So we sat down to have a glass of wine and chat. Sawyer, Payslee & Rally were all running around chasing everything and having a great time. They love the farm with all the new places, and new smells..Well suddenly out of the corner of my eye I see Miss Payslee doing a SWAN DIVE into mom's Pool!! I start screaming, "OH ____ Oh___!" and I run over ready to jump in after her, when all of the sudden, her little head pops up and she swims over to the side, and I scoop her out. Then she just looks at me like, "Why are you freaking out mama? I can swim if I want too."...AHHH! So I guess I'll be picking up some little life jackets for Sawyer & Pays this week! I could'nt believe she did that! Pandora & Rally HATED the pool..they would never have gone in..and yet Payslee just leaps in like, No big deal! She's a mess..

We had a delicious lunch yesterday after Church. We went to the Holiday Inn in Elk City, and they had a fabulous Mothers Day Buffet..I enjoyed spending the day with Mom and the family. Then when we got home I started watching Celebrity Apprentice, and I was SOOO Glad Joan Rivers beat Annie Duke. I had no idea who Annie Duke was before she got on the show, and I could still care less who she is! She was hateful, and ridiculous, and I'm glad Joan won all that money for her great charity! At least with Joan what you see is what you get..Annie was conniving BEHIND the scenes, and I just never did like her. Plus Trace put his vote for Joan, so you know its gotta be right!

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