Friday, May 15, 2009

Uh oh..I got an Iphone

Well I finally jumped on the bandwagon, and got the IPHONE!! I have been wanting one since they came out, but I had always been with Sprint, so I couldn't have one..but yesterday mom and I made the switch! I love it!!! I haven't got all the 'apps' that I want yet, but I'm working on it. I put about 10 of them on there yesterday! I also haven't added all of my music yet, but I'm working on that too.. I basically am right now, just feeling excitement and joy!

Well I took the babies to Camp Bow Wow in Edmond for their 'trial' run. They have to be 'accpeted' into the camp, which means they can't act ugly, or be mean to other dogs. When I took them in Payslee was OUT. She didn't want to stay, and she was flailing about.. Sawyer, on the other hand, just ran off like he could care less that I was leaving him! Well they had to stay for at least 3 hours, so when I went home I watched them on the 'camper cams'.. Not Surprisingly, Payslee was just up on this little toy watching over the other dogs. She wasn't being very social. Sawyer had a great time racing around and playing with everyone. Pays was just like, 'Where is my mom, and when is she coming back?'.. So when I went to pick them up Sawyer didn't want to leave, and Payslee was racing to me to! The good news is..they did Pass! Here are their little certificates! (Note how Pays is sticking her tongue out to the whole thing)

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  1. These are some very darling dogs. I really bet they are your babies. You are very fortunate to have them.

  2. Ahh Thank you! I do love those little faces!