Monday, May 18, 2009

We have nice Weather!! Tada!

Well what a lovely dad we had yesterday! It looks like we shall have a good Weather I'm excited about that. If you haven't made your plans to come out to our Lynn, Bill & KC picnic on Saturday..We will play softball at 2 against the Moore fire dept, and everything will take place at Fairmoore Park in Moore off I-35. Its going to be funtimes with Lance Miller in concert, Karaoke from Singers Choice, and free sandwiches from the Pork Council!..Come on!!

Well I had a fun weekend. Friday the dogs and I loaded up and headed to Petco to get some new food..Then we went over to my favorite dog boutique in Northpark Mall. I put Pays & Saw in the stroller and wheeled them in..Well once I got in there there was a cat in there wearing a harness..(bizarre, I know).. Sawyer acted like he wanted to visit with the kitty, so I put him down there.. At first he went over and said hello, and the cat also said hello.. It looked nice enough..Then all of the sudden the car REARS back and slaps Sawyer right in the face! The cat didn't have claws, so it didn't hurt Sawyer, but it surprised him to where he was like, 'HEY!'.. lol.. it made me laugh..

I also went to see "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" with Matthew McConaughey. It was pretty predictable, but hey, its 2 hours of delicious Matthew, so it wasn't all bad. Jennifer Garner looked kinda weird in it though..
Still loving my Iphone. I put some new Apps on it this weekend, and I also added ringtones, and rented a movie on it.. I'm pretty much making it happen..Meanwhile, My mom has called me cussing hers about 3 times..She's not making friends with the Iphone. I'll see her next weekend though and give her a tutorial!!
I went to the Alan Jackson/Josh Turner was funtimes, but a little chilly..If you want to see the pics you can CLICK HERE to view.

Enjoy this weather while it lasts!

*Congrats to Naomi Skull at the Oklahoma Army National Environmental Office, she is the winner of our Lunch Bunch at JR's!

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