Friday, May 8, 2009

Scrapblogging and Mothers Day

Well I recently found a new website where you could do online scrapblogging. I'm very excited about this, because after you put together your 'scrap blog' you can print it! So think how many cute pictures you could put together and print out..then you could actually put them in your REAL Scrapbook! Tada! I scrapbook, but only my pictures with famous people. I figure when I'm old and feeble, and (lets just pretend for a moment) my children will think I actually did something cool if they see my pic's with Garth Brooks and that's what I'm going for.

Congratulations to Marlena Hodson. She was our mom's day winner. She'll get a makeover from Renaissance Salon & Spa, Alan Jackson tickets, and a Limo to the concert! Her most embarrassing moment was when she went on her first car date with a boy. They were late, so her mom actually went down town, stopped them on main street, whipped Marlena first, and then spanked the boy too! Now that would be humiliating!! But hilarious! So Congratulations to her, she won an awesome prize!

I've got a remote tomorrow, so I can't go see my mom till Saturday afternoon, but I'm heading to Canute after that. She is thinking that we are going to get 'Iphones'. We'll see if that happens this weekend. I got her a magical treasure, but it hasn't come in it better show up today! I'm running out of time! I can honestly say that my mom doesn't really ever embarrass me. She was always the 'cool mom' that everyone wanted to hang out with..and she still is! She's awesome!

So far we have not seen anymore critters in the studio. I'm hoping it stays that way. I'm not a fan of creepy birds, or weird snakes..Hope all of you have a great Mothers day!


  1. Yes, you are right...she still is! Hope you guys have a good weekend!

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