Wednesday, May 27, 2009

XMen, Wolverine, Jon&Kate fun

Well tonight I am going to see that new movie, "UP" it looks very cute, and it has a talking I'm on board! I'm also needing some popcorn, so I'm excited about it. Brandon & Amy are going to go with me with their little boy Brady.

Hey, exciting news.. I met a little girl that I liked over the weekend! As most of you know I am scared of little kids. As an only child, who didn't really grow up with siblings, I don't know what to do with little kids, but Sean Elliotts little girl, Georgia was at our picnic, and she was hysterical. She kept offering me some candy and dancing.. So I thought she was pretty awesome. Lance Miller's little girl, Presley, was also cute, but I didn't get to hang out with her..maybe next time.

Well over the weekend I went to see the movie "Wolverine"..its the latest XMEN movie, and it was sooo good! It was like a good Vs. Evil flick.. and I loved Taylor Kitsch in it. .He's the guy from Friday Night lights, and he's now officially added to my Ladder of Love..He's so hot!

I love him in Friday night Lights, but now I love him a lot more. I also watched 2344 hours of "Jon&Kate+8". I had never watched the show till now, but Kate had been on the last 3 covers of my "US Weekly", so I thought I'd better see what the fuss was all about..Well once I started watching, I never stopped. I even watched the Premiere! Ridiculous..I don't know whats going to happen with them..they seem like a train wreck to me, but they have 8 kids, so I hope they can pull it together!

Sawyer is back in action now. We will have to retreat in 2 weeks again. Mom got a new border collie Puppy. She named her Izzy. She and Payslee are the same size. This weekend I'm going to Canute to rescue a Cairn Terrier and bring it back to the "New Leash on Life" I'm going to let Payslee play with the puppy. Mom says the puppy is a biter, and kinda naughty..but I seriously doubt she will be a match for Naughty Payslee! She might want to stick to playing with Sawyer..He's much sweeter! So we'll see how that goes..

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