Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Helicopter Ride and Lunch

Well what a day yesterday! We started off the morning with Bill heading out to fly Patti Petty, our winner, to work at Sysco Systems in Norman. Normally it takes her an hour and a half to get to work..with the helicopter, 37 minutes! How cool is that!

After they dropped her off at work, we finished the show, and then got ready for lunch. It was our first "King Country Lunch Bunch". Our winner was Naoma Skull from the Oklahoma Army National Guard Environmental Office. They had a great bunch!

We all had a delicious lunch at JR's BBQ in Norman, and enjoyed talking and chatting with each other. They were a very fun group. I had fun showing them pic's on my bionic Iphone. I seriously can't stop loving my Iphone.

After lunch I went to visit my hospice friend, Dorothy who was celebrating her 63rd wedding anniversary with her husband George. How awesome is that! She loves ice cream, so I took her a Strawberry & Cream Ice Cream cake from Marble Slab and some giant "6 3" balloons to celebrate. We had a good time, and she was all dolled up to go see George in the nursing home later that evening.. Miss Dorothy is 86 years old..How cute is she!

After visiting Miss Dorothy I had to head over to Wiley Post to the Interstate Helicopter service to meet Pete the Pilot. He was awesome, and did a fabulous job. He was a great guy, and a lotta fun. We took off, and were in Norman in No time to pick up Patty at Sysco, where she works.. Here's some video..Press the 'PLAY' button..

All the Sysco gang was excited to see us as we landed. We grabbed Miss Patty and her friend Debbie and took off for Cashion to take Patty back home. The scenery right now is beautiful because of all the rain we have had. It was a fun trip. Hit PLAY again to see the ride home..

When we got to Patty's house she decided to let her husband, and son Will ride back to Wiley Post with us so that Will could ride in the helicopter too, and he had a blast! So what a day!!
Then I come home and watch Dancing with the Stars and see that Shawn Johnson won! WHAT! NOOOO! Gilles was supposed to win, so I'm irritated about that.. Adam better win tonight on Idol or I'm taking my toys and going home!!

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