Thursday, May 7, 2009

A snake in the studio!

So today as I was sitting in the studio, I notice something squirming around out of the corner of my eye..So I look over and begin to squeal, "HEEEEEEEEY! There's a weird snake in here!!"... and of course act all girlish picking my feet up off the ground thinking its soon coming after me. Of course Lynn & Bill are laughing at this..because while yes, it was a snake..It probably wasn't a 'killer' snake.. lol..

So we put it outside..and now I'm paradnoid about opening the door! IF you recall last year, Lynn let a beastly bird into the studio and scared me, and we've had Beaver down here, so you just can't ever tell whats going to be down here! So thats how we started our morning at 5:30..

Last night I went to my church glass "Discovering your God Given Gifts".. I haven't taken the evaluation yet, so I'm not sure what mine are yet, but when I find out I'll let you know.

I also managed to rollerblade with all THREE dogs last night! It was our first time trying it and at first Payslee was like WHAT ARE THOSE, and she was scared, but she warmed up to them quickly because it made it where she could run the whole time. Of course Sawyer was like "NOOOOOOOO!".. He doesn't like exercise..We may try Lake Hefner today..Good luck!

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