Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nope, Not Swine Flu, or TG Sheppard

Edy with Pets and People was on the show today to talk about some ADORABLE dogs..Check them out, there are a few of my fav's..Click on "Louisa" "Muzzie" "Sheba" and Sheba's Puppies.. sooooo cute, and they need forever homes. They were saved by Edy from death Row!

Well I had fun on my days off. I didn't really do anything, and contrary to Lynn & Bill, No, I didn't Remarry TG Sheppard, and I don't have Swine Flu. I did eat pork chops last night for supper! I also had fresh green beans from the farmers market. Delish!
On Monday I spent the day at Francis Tuttle talking to students in the audio/video class. They had questions about the music, tv, and radio industry so I tried to answer their questions without crushing all of their hopes and dreams!
With the rain ongoing its been impossible to keep the dogs clean. I try to, but then they just go back outside and come in looking like homeless dogs. Sawyer is the worst. I think he actually tries to swim in the water because he is SOAKING wet when he comes back in. I gave Payslee a bath last night because she is little, and gets cold easily. So she's all clean now, although I'm sure it will be short lived. I also fixed my dryer. Turns out nothing was wrong with it. The hose had come off the back, and was full of puff, so after I cleaned it out, it ran like a charm! I was going to clean the carpets, but until it stops raining I don't really see the point. It looks like we are done with rain for today, then more in the forecast tomorrow.
Well I was kinda shocked that Little Kim went home last night. She's a much better dancer than Ty, but I think Ty is more charming, so he got to stay. Lets be honest though, the competition is between Gilles & Melissa. My money is on Gilles, because it seems that more women vote in those things, and there has only been a couple of women win in the past. So I think it will be Gilles. Well I may try to clean the carpets today..for one day..then they will be dirty again, with more rain in the forecast Thursday!

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