Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To top it all off..

Well I'll tell you.. Its been an interesting last week, and when I say interesting I mean crappy.. It all started with Dancing with the Stars. Thats who I blame. They didn't pick Gilles, which I thought was awful, so it just set the tone..Then Adam lost on Idol, so that made it worse.. Then Psychic Cyndy told me I was never going to get a date..Well it pretty much went from bad to worse after that.

On Friday I decided to take the advice of our fine listeners. They had suggested that the best way to handle my crazy neighbor was to 'Kill her with Kindness'..Okay..I will. So Friday evening she was outside glaring at me from her back porch..So I nicely waved to her.. Still glaring.. So then when I was about go in, I waved and said, "Have a good evening" and she screams back, "No, have a Black evening"........uh okay.. So I again say, "Have a good evening" and she screams, "BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK!!".. hmm...well this is not working too well..So then as a last resort I say, "Okay, well I was just trying to be friendly" and she screams back, "You Shut your ___ ___ mouth talking to me".. Okay, well that didn't work! She proceeded to scream and cuss at me (even though I was INSIDE my house)for the next 15 minutes..So I'm pretty sure I'm not going to try to be nice to her anymore.

Saturday we had our softball game and picnic. I hit to the pitcher.. Why! I hate people who hit to the pitcher, because I'm usually the one pitching! Blargh..We only got beat by 6 runs, and we had some great hustle..lol. Then crappiest part, Steve Blake from Hudiburg agreed to play with us, and on like the first play of the game, he dove for the ball, caught it, and yup, broke his collarbone!! How awful!
After the softball game we all headed over to our first Lynn, Bill & KC picnic with Lance Miller. Everyone had a good time, and we had some delicious pork Sandwiches from the Pork Council. Lance Miller sounded Awesome and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves.

Around 7:00 I headed home, and when I got there, I was less than thrilled to find that Sawyer had gotten sick all over my kitchen..Nice. So I cleaned that up, and we went to the vet. Turns out he has WHIPWORMS! I don't even know what that is, but apparently you get it from digging, and it spreads from one dog to another, so all the dogs had to be treated. $150 later, we left. The good news is its easily treatable, and he will be fine..It doesn't even make him feel bad, so thats good. He just had to take this giant Pill and eat some high protein food for a few days to get him back on track. Sawyer weighed in at 10lbs, Miss Payslee is still 6.7, and Dr. Logan said they are about as big as they are going to get..

So after all that magic, we got home around 9:00 and I went to take a nice, hot bubble bath.. ahhh.. So nice. As I was getting out I grabbed my towel, where I had apparently left my new Iphone, and Yes, WHIPPED IT INTO THE FLIPPING BATHTUB!! AHHHHHHH! I tried to rescue it, but it was too late..It went under. I start flailing, and blowing on it.. but to no avail..it flickered and died. Dang. Well I don't have a house phone, so I was sitting there contemplating what to do without a phone on a Saturday evening, coming up on Sunday morning.. I researched it online and people had said to put it in a rice bag, because supposedly Rice sucks the moisture out..Several people said to blow-dry it.. And even more said to cook it in the oven on a bed of rice at a low heat.. Yup, I did all these things, and guess what? NONE of them worked..

Well I got up and went to church on Sunday morning, then headed over to the Apple store to see what I was in for.. Of course there was a ridiculous line, but they got me in in about 30 minutes.. Thankfully they had a new program where if you drowned your phone you could get a replacement for $200. (To buy a new one without a contract would be $700).. So I did that.. Yes, it sucked, but they took care of me quickly, and I walked out with my phone activated and back in action.. The Irony? Gary England was also in there getting a MAC! So we chatted about a new song I wrote for him..Ah yes..the bizareness of it all.

Yesterday I was in charge of Emceeing a Dog Jog at Wiley Post Park on the River. They had over 500 dog joggers, and it was a lot of fun. I took the babies in their stroller, but Payslee only wants to ride ON TOP of her stroller, and Sawyer rides inside..So I let her, because she loves it up there.

I wheeled them around, and they acted very nice. We gave out awards to the 'best dressed, look alike, best trick, smallest, largest,' and some other awards. We all had a good time.

So hopefully I have started this week off better..

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