Thursday, May 28, 2009

The "UP" movie was great!

Oh My gosh..the "Up" Movie was soo good! I didn't really expect it to be that good, but I got a little emotional in it! I know! Ridiculous, but it had some heart-worming moments that brought a tear to my eye..I also loved all of the talking dogs. There were a bunch of them, but Doug (Pictured on the left) wearing the "Cone of shame" was my favorite! It was such a cute movie, and we had a great crowd!! It opens on Friday, so you should go see it this weekend..
Today we are shooting a TV commerical..Who knows how thats going to turn out..most of you saw the last one, so we'll see how that goes!
I'm headed to the farm this weekend. I'm going to rescue the LAST homeless Cairn Terrier, and also visit my mom's new puppy, Izzy. She keeps telling me that Izzy is mean, and bites everyone and loves to run around.. Well I'm thinking Payslee will be just PERFECT for her to play with! But I think Pays will make her cry. Payslee is a big bully! Sawyer will probably love her, because he is such a sweet boy. I'm going to take their life jackets this time though, just in case Miss Pays decides to jump into the pool!

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