Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday To us!

I had a great birthday weekend! I went home on Friday and mom and I got things ready for the big birthday party on Saturday..I could not have asked for better weather! It was so pretty on Saturday..We got up early to help Steve move farm Machinery first off, and then spent the rest of the day getting ready for party-time fun.
The farm is just beautiful this time of year, and mom does a great job land-scaping, so everying is blooming and green.. Its fabulous, and very relaxing..Everyone loves coming out there to relax.
We set up the Volleyball net, but we didn't have the lights set up, so we only played one game, but we did have a great time just talking and hanging out. Steve made ribs again, and we had some delicious Hotlinks and Polish Sausage from Cusack meats! Yummy!

The dogs had a great time too.. AT my party there were 8 total, as Shelly brought her dog too, and they all had a funtime playing. I had some delicious cake, and got some awesome gifts from my friends. Ellen Johnson gave me a Microphone that my friend, Dick Johnson had used, and that meant so much to me..I was so happy to be surrounded by awesome family and friends. Thanks to everyone for a great birthday and all the wishes!

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