Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Way Back Wednesday.. Not really.

Why is it that I am not motivated to finish my remodeling projects? I'm supposed to be finishing my bedroom, yet I cannot.. I get to doing something else, and then forget what I'm supposed to be doing..then Dancing with the Stars comes on..then I'm tired.. But seriously, my mom is coming up Friday so I have to get it done..

Speaking of Dancing with the Stars.. How bout Kellie Osbourne! I was proud of her too..and it made me so happy to see her parents, Ozzy & Sharon crying and loving her in the audience.. IT was too cute! I wasn't impressed with anyone else really..I kinda think the guys are better so far. Maybe the ladies will kick it up a notch later or something because they were NOT that impressive last night.

So we found out yesterday that some folks in our office have had contact with people who have the "SWINE" flu.. So now Lynn, Bill & I have convinced ourselves that we totally have the Swine Flu.. Even though we have zero symptoms..I have an overactive imagination, so thats not helpful. From what I understand though, if adults get it..while it does suck..its not as critical as if children get it. I called my mom and told her about it and she said, "Well if you get it you are coming home" and I said, "Why?" and she said, "Because at the farm we have the oink-ment!".. Gotta love my mom!

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