Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm so sorry I have been absent!!

Well Hello! I hope everyone had a great labor day! I have been a slacker in updating my blog over the holiday, and then yesterday I just forgot what I was for that I aplogize!

I had a great weeekend. Saturday I went to see "All about Steve" and it was just awful. I thought it would be better, but it wasn't..They made Sandra Bullock all weird.. Me no likey.. But I was at the Warren, which I do likey.. a lot.. Then went and hung out with Brandon & Amy at their house for some 'deep thoughts'. Amy made guacamole, which always makes me happy! So it was good times..

I decided over the weekend that I would go to Bed, Bath & Beyond..WHY WHY WHY! I never go there...Now I know Why, because you will spend a TON of money if you do! So I went there and got some fabulous new bathroom stuff.. Well of course since I was redecorating my just would'nt look good if I didn't redecorate my bedroom too!! So thats what I spent my time doing! However, Handy, I am not.. I cut my hand so bad at one point it was gushing blood everywhere and I had to wrap it in a towel! I also broke several things, but such is life.. I'm still not done..I am done with the bathroom, but my bedroom is taking forever.. It was done all in bright colors before, and now I'm going with more neutral colors, so I'm having to paint everything.. Blargh.. Why did I decide to do this! lol..

I tried to upload pictures today, but blogger is not letting me, so I'll try again tomorrow.. I took the dog babes to a magical field this weekend, but Sawyer jumped into the river and got all messy..then he kept just running up and down the river like a little mud dog.. Sometimes I really do think he is part Lab.. lol.. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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