Monday, September 28, 2009

What a fabulous weekend I had!

WEll I had an amazing weekend! Friday night was the "Big Show" meaning Boyz II Men at the State Fair.. I didn't think "Swine Flu Amy" was going to get to go, but she made it, and Lauren came along as well.. Brandon came along with Brady (his son) to take him on some rides at the fair, since he wasn't a big fan of the Boyz.. There were a TON of people at the show..More than I had ever seen at a show before.. We were standing on our chairs to see the stage because of all the folks..but the guys sounded AWESOME as usual.. Nate, Shawn, and Wanya sang all the hits, and some Motown too.. They can still dance and sing just like they could 20 years ago, and they have a new album coming out later in the year, so I'm excited about that.. You know, there are some bands and artists that you just never get sick of hearing!! Great time.. Thanks to Scott Munz and all the staff at the fair for making it such a fun event this year!

On Saturday I had a 'Shih-tzu Playdate' with some friends from my Shih-tzu chat room friends. I know it sounds bizarre to say that I have met people on the internet and met up with them, but we had been emailing each other back and fourth and knew it would be fun to have a playdate.. They were on their way to Balloonfest in New Mexico so they stopped in OKC to visit. They are from Kansas City and have a giant RV (Which Lynny would have loved) and two Shih-tzu's named Josie and Maddy..
I wasn't sure if Miss Snobby Payslee would play, but she did!
They all had the best time running, biting, barking and playing with each other! We let them play for awhile inside, and then we (John, Cathy & I) went to eat lunch at Toby Keiths.. They wanted to see the 'Best of OKC' so I had to give them that delicious Friend Balogna sandwich! So good.. and we got to set outside on the patio where it was absolutely GORGEOUS!
After lunch we took them to a giant field where they could run wild off-leash..They ran and ran.. and then Naughty Sawyer took them to his favorite place, The River.. Of course they got all muddy, wet, and awful looking.. Sawyer more than the others.. He looked like an awful tzu! But they were so happy, jolly, and TIRED at the end of the day. I was so glad they had such a great time together, and I loved John and Cathy too! I made some new friends, and so did Payslee & Sawyer.. That night we went to eat Sushi at Musashi's..mmm mmm so good!
Here is a picture of dirty, awful Sawyer.. Look how gross he is! But we had a great weekend! Sunday I pretty much did NOTHING. We had played all day on Saturday, so we were just wanting to stay home and hang we played outside, and thats pretty much it..but Now I'm feeling much better about my Stranger Danger! And see.. I can meet Random people on the internet and have a great time! I just really didn't feel like people who had two cute tzu's were going to stab me and take my dogs.. lol..

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