Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Running with the Packs never been so good..

Sorry, that was a former Saying we used at Coyote Country 97.3 back in the Weatherford days..They always cracked me up.. Here's some more:

"Hootin & Howlin with all your friends..Coyote Country 97.3"

"Prowling in your radio, and playing more of your Fresh country hits back to back..Coyote Country 97.3"..

I used to LOVE saying those! They remind me of the first time I was ever on the radio and we had to say them verbatim..because when you are 'starting out' on the radio you aren't really allowed to just spew whatever you want out of your mouth..Thats what we call "Verbal Diarrhea".. lol.. Okay, enough with the trip down memory lane.. Oh wait..One more! Did I ever tell you about the time that I had to walk around with a Cork in my mouth and enunciate every word to try and get rid of this Okie twang? Yeah that really happened..However, it didn't get rid of it totally, then I moved to Texas for 2 years, and now I'm all "Texahoma" sounding.. Oh well, such is life..

Anyway, Yesterday was sweet Payslee's Birthday.. We had Party #1 for her. (We are having the 2nd party at the farm this weekend with her other dog friends.) I got her some Yogurt bones, Pupcakes, Chewies, Peanut butter drops, and some other little treats.. Of course Sawyer wanted them too so Payslee shared..However, Rally wouldn't really eat any because he is more of a Meat eater..but he still had fun. Pays was wearing her birthday dress and dancing around all jolly..As you can see in the pics, she and Sawey are happy little folks.

Tonight I'm going to my church class at Crossings..We only have 2 classes left! But I did find out that the bionic teacher will be teaching again, so I'm happy about that. I will take his class again.

Hey today Aaron with was on the show with us to talk about the best Halloween costumes this year..If you haven't gotten yours, he's offering 10% off for KKNG listeners and free shipping for orders over $50! Just enter (when you are in the checkout portion) PROMO CODE: KKNG09 and you automatically get %10 off!

Yesterday my friend sent me this hilarious video of the baby dancing to the Beyonce video.. How cute is this!

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