Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thirsty Thursday..No not really..

I had a great time at my church class again last night, although it was a little entertaining trying to get there.. Amy went with me and we wanted to take her sons, Brady (who is 5) and Anderson (1) with us.. Well according to Amy its much harder to travel with two boys, as opposed to me who is traveling by myself..Which I totally understand, so I was trying to be helpful..However, even thought I attend Crossings on a regular basis, I do not frequent the childrens wing, or the nursery.. For thos of you who have never been.. Crossings Church is HUGE!!!So we go to try and check in..and 3 buildings later, and Amy about to die from carrying Anderson the whole way, (We didn't bring his stroller because we didn't anticipate having to walk that far) we eventually found Brady's drop off, and Anderson's nursery..

Well even though it took a bit to get there, we enjoyed the class so much. Its called "The Last Days" and its taught by a man who is truly bionic when it comes to teaching.. Afterwards we went back to pick up the boys, and they had a great time! Score! So I think next week we will plan better, (with a stroller) and it will make for a much easier trip on Amy! lol.. But we did have a great time. And now we know the "Procedure"..

Still working on the bedroom remodel.. why, why, why, did I start that project??


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