Monday, September 14, 2009

They Made it!

Well the Biscuits passed! They are officially therapy dogs! They took their test and passed with flying colors.. Well Payslee did anyway.. Sawyer was hit & Miss for awhile, but finally pulled it together!

The whole thing was kinda funny..first it was a rainy day so the babes looked like Mud heads.. Then there were a bunch of other dogs there, so while I was testing with Payslee, Sawyer was playing with his new friends having a Ball! Well when Payslee was finished, and I went out to get him, he was like, "NO! I want to keep playing!".. So it took ahwile to get him to understand that we were actually taking a TEST!

Then While Sawyer and I were in the testing room, Payslee had to stay with some of the other testing ladies and the other dogs.. Well when we were about 1/2 way through the test, I look over out of the corner of my eye and Payslee had escaped! She was running as fast as she could to the little house I was in..then she jumped in the window like, "Hi mama! Found you!".. lol. So thankfully the testers found it hilarious! So it was all good.. They now are already getting ready for some visits to the nursing homes in Edmond.. Yay!

Friday night I went to the Sugarland Show. We missed the Meet & Greet with Billy Currington though, we thought it was at 8:15, and they moved it to 6:40 without telling we were sad about that. There were also a million people there..Okay, maybe not a million, but I'd guess around 10,000..No where to sit, and people wall to wall.. Sugarland and Billy Currington put on a good show. I took Pics, but forgot to bring them, so I will post them tomorrow..

Saturday Night I went to Iron Star BBQ with Brandon, Amy & Lauren..MM MM MM! So Good! We love that place! I did watch Serena Williams go crazy on the Line judge..that was quite entertaining.. and they say Tennis is boring!

Then Kanye West being rude to Taylor Swift last night during the MTV-VMA awards..what an idiot..He always is trying to do something to get publicity, whether it be negative or positive..What a moron..

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