Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So my dear Friend Amanda went to the Dog boutique, Paws around Town, and got me (or Shall I say Miss Payslee) two little dresses.. They were aDOGable.. but They didn't fit her, so yesterday we took them back and got these tasty little numbers.. The first one is a cute little 'Cherry' Dress.. It has glitter cherries on the back.. As you can tell from her smiling face, she is very jolly about her new purchase..

The 2nd dress is a classy Denim number with a Cross shirt, and Denim Mini Skirt.. This one was also very Cute, and Miss Payslee also liked this one..although she did say that the Cherries was her favorite..
So there you go! You can be the judge of what is the cutest..She is quite a little model.
Yesterday we went rollerblading in the nice cool weather.. I also plugged in my Candle Thingy that burns the "Scentsy" candle pod dealies.. I apologize for not knowin the names of these things, but I think you get my point.. Anyway, this particular scent was Cranberries and Sandalwood..MM MM..It smelled up my house so fast! It was yummy! I love the Scentsy stuff..
This Friday is the Boyz II Men show at the State fair, and I think Mom is going to come up and watch the show with me.. She has never seen Boyz II Men live, and I think I've seen them 6 times.. lol.. I do love them! Thankie to Scott for giving us VIP tickets so Now I can see Nate, Shawn, and Wanya up close and personal! Bill brought up a good point the other day which is that they are not really "Boys" anymore.. I get that.. But they will always be Boyz II Men to me!!

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