Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I've had the time of my life..

Sad that Patrick Swayze passed away yesterday at the age of 57. I loved all of his movies, especially "Dirty Dancing".. I remember when it first came out my mom said I couldn't watch it..but my friend Tamara was watching it at HER house so I got to see it.. And after that I bet I watched it 400 times! I love dance movies! Pancreatic cancer is so awful. I lost my amazing grandma, Leona, in 1999 from Pancreatic Cancer. They gave her 6 months to live, and we lost her 6 months later.. Broke my heart, and still breaks my heart.. So I'm so sad for his family and friends.

The Kanye West madness seems to be continuing. I watched him apologize on Leno last night.. Some say he did made the mean comments to Taylor because he had been drinking, but thats no excuse to me..I'm glad he did apologize, but I still think he's a jerkface for ruining her moment. Its just uncalled for.

Last night was just a beautiful, cool evening..I couldn't help it, I put out my Halloween stuff! I know its early, but it just 'felt' like Halloween! So I put all that out..I didn't get everything out, but quite a bit. I love Halloween fun! Then the dogs were all antzy, so we decided to rollerblade. They RAN the whole way, for a whole Mile! They had lots of energy with this cool weather..Since I think the rain is over, I'm going to give them a bath today or tomorrow, as they are still mud heads.. In case you've ever missed the magic of rollerblading 3 shih-tzus. .here ya go!

Justin Moore sang LIVE on our show today and it was freaking Awesome..So if you missed it, Here ya go: JUSTIN MOORE LIVE
We're also giving away Jamey Johnson tickets & Meet & Greets for the next few days, so get ready to win!

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