Saturday, April 4, 2009

At the Farm..

Well I'm at the farm this weekend. We are going to a bull sale, and then off to the Elk City farm show. Supposedly they have that magical glue up there that glues anything and I'm all about that. I love that glue!

Tonight we are meeting friends at the Elk's Lodge for drinks and dinner. It should be fun. The wind was blowing through the night so hard that you could actually hear it through the walls! What a pain. The baby dogs were kindof a pain last night too. They woke me up to go out at 11:36, 3:40, and then 7:00! They are like mini-alarm clocks I tell ya! No sleep for the weary.

Tomorrow Lynn will be doing the Sunday Morning Gospel show to honor Jay Shankle. No one can replace Shank, but we will keep the gospel show going because it is an inspiration to so many people. So listen for Lynn tomorrow from 7-11am.

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