Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hey, Bucky Covington?

I was laughing at Sawyer yesterday because he gets his feelings hurt when Payslee doesn't share with him..then he looks over at me like, "Hey..she's not sharing".. lol.. Dogs just crack me up!

So Yesterday after taking the dogs to their magical field to run by the house, I came back home and began to get some hot dogs ready for the grill when my phone rang...I noticed the number had a Nashville area code..

Me-- "Hello"..


"This is Bucky Covington"..

ME-- "What the hell are you doing calling me?"

Bucky--"hahaha Well I just wanted to see what you were up to"

ME--"OH--(After feeling kinda bad for asking him what the hell he was doing calling me) Well its good to hear from you"..So we go on and talk for a few minutes about his new song "I Want my Life Back" and about his stint on American Idol. And how it was rough for Country singers on that show because you are being judged by a Pop Judge, a guy from Brittain, and an R&B Guitar player! So that was funny..We chit-chatted a bit more about how you can't always please everyone (especially in Nashville, and in radio) and then we said our good-byes..How funny is that!

I'm Still on the lookout for a dryer. Its been nice, so I've just been hanging my stuff out on the fence in the backyard, but eventually I'll actually have to get a dryer..I'm looking on Craigslist..trying to avoid the Craigslist killer, but I think they caught him, so thats a bonus..Lynn is back tomorrow!

Do you have a DOGBOOK?

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