Monday, April 20, 2009

KC Sheperd Monday

Welcome to Monday folks! Over the weekend my stupid Dryer quit. What a pain..I dont mind getting another one, but how am I going to haul it! Blargh! So I'm going on Craigslist (how I got my last dryer) and I'm going to see if these kind people from Blanchard to deliver it. I could try to fix it myself! NOT! I have no idea how to even begin that little project!
I enjoyed my weekend. Friday night I went to eat with my parents in Bricktown at a place called "Bolero" its right above Red Pin Bowling..It was good. At the end of the meal Bob Stoops and his wife walked in..I didn't go talk to him, but I wonder if others were like, "Atta boy Bobby".. "Bobbo".. etc.. I didn't stay to find out. Then we went to Marble Slab and I had some delicious cheesecake icecream mixed with Strawberries! YUM!
I didnt do much on Saturday. I did go to the Farmer Market though, and that was funtimes. I got some fresh greenbeans, squash, and peanuts. I went home and cooked the peanuts in the oven and they were delish. I may have the squash tonight for supper with the green beans. The little dog-babes had fun playing in the mud all weekend. They are little dirt-hogs. They came in one time and their faces were covered in RED DIRT. Like they had actually been eating it! Why would they do that! I'm going to give them a bath, but I didn't want to do it until I was sure it had stopped raining, and dried up a bit. Payslee has all that white on her, so her little feet look RED too! She's getting some new dresses in this week. A pink one, and an orange one. I can't wait to take her pic in them..she's such a happy little girl!
I went to my new Church again yesterday.. Still loving it, and going back to class on Wednesday. I'm going to Crossings, but I do want to say thank you to everyone who has reached out to me and invited me to their churches too! I do appreciate it!
Woof stock is on the way.. WOOF STOCK

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