Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taxes, and A permit to what?

So last night after a lovely dinner at Redrock, where I dined on a delcious steak with roasted mashed potatoes..I arrived home to find a warning letter on my door. You know what I think of that? BLARGH.

The OK Police department put a warning letter on my door saying that "If you don't get an alarm permit ID within 7 days and out of custody warrant will be issued for you" Really? How irritating. I mean here's the deal. Apparantly if you have an alarm system in your house that calls the police department when it goes off, then you have to pay $27/year for an 'alarm permit'..Okay, fine. But guess what? When I asked Mr. Waggoner if he had one of these so called permits he said, "Nope..never have".. Okay nice.. So out of all the houses to go to and request permits they pick mine. Awesome. I guess its nice to know they are watching over my neighborhood. Moving on..

So Today is tax day. I did my taxes back in Feb, so I'm not really worried about this. I watched Dancing with the Stars last night. My boys from Rascal Flatts were on, and sounded great. I can honestly say that I'm glad SteveO went home. I enjoyed watching him, but he just wasn't progressing. I think TY Murray will probably be next, but at least he's really trying to get better.

Tonya Roberts was on the show with us promoting a new program called 'Fiscal Fitness' its a money-tracking program that tells you exactly what you spend each month on what. It runs by voice recognition, so you speak what you spend into the phone, and then it will send you little updates on your phone telling you where all your money is going! Its free to the first 50 people, so if you would like to try it out call 877-70-WECAN. Enjoy!

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