Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday with Hank Williams Jr.

So this morning we interviewed Bocephus..Wow..He's a little out there, but it was a fun interview. He' s something else.. lol..

I went to my new church on Wednesday night. I signed up for another class that starts on next WED, so I'm excited about that. I won't be in church there this Sunday though, because the dog-babes and I are headed West to the farm. Mom has us going to some event on Saturday where we have to dress like White Trash..That should be entertaining! I have no idea what I'm going to be wearingn to that, but it will be fun.

Payslee has a weird sore on her head. I have no idea where she got it..She & Sawyer go to the vet today anyway to get their second Bordatella shot today anyway so I'll have Dr. Hoffman look at it today when they go. I also noticed that Rally's eyes seem to be a little cloudy. He is 10 years old, so that might be possible. It doesn't stop him from seeing or anything..just a sign of old age. I took all three of them to visit Miss Dorothy this week, my hospice lady I visit. Her birthday was Saturday and she enjoyed seeing them. Payslee just loves her. On May 2 I'm going to take RAlly to get AKC Therapy certified. I hope he can pass the test, but I think he can. We'll find out soon enough. Speaking of pets..these babies need adopted from PETS & PEOPLE. I just love the first one, so if you can find her a home I would really appreciate it!

Available for Adoption:Louisa Female9 MonthsAussie Mix Pet ID Number: C23464How to adoptAll pets over 12 weeks are spayed or neutered.We give a free spay/neuter certificate to those adopting kittens or puppies

Owen Male10 weeks Terrier Mix Pet ID Number: C23966
Have a great weekend!

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