Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pat Green rain filled fun! & Pictures..

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If you took a picture with Pat Green. You can find them HERE.

Look how cute this is!!

The Pat Green show was awesome yesterday! He did a little question and answer session, sang some songs, signed some autographs, and took some pictures. He was a really nice, normal guy! We had about 50 people there to watch, and had a good lunch. It was, however, impossible to stay cute with the rain pouring down and me having to walk across the street from such is life.. Thanks to everyone who joined us, we all had a great time. I enjoyed all the nice folks sitting at my table..Lynn kept telling them lies, but it was quite entertaining!! lol..

After I got home I made plans to meet Lauren at Buddah Tao for a little Pre-church Sushi.. It was delish..Then we went to our "Networking" Class at Crossings..

Other than that yesterday the only thing I did yesterday was let the dogs outside to play..Well imagine my surprise when I let them back in and they were COVERED in Dirt and filth..Now remember, I just took them to the groomers last SATURDAY..and this is how they reward me? They look awful! Payslee came in with a Red Beard! So Now I'm calling her Payslee Red Beard! And Sawyer decided to play and frolic in the left-over plant water and came in soaking wet with mud all over him!! ARGGGH! I'd give them a bath..but what good would that do? Its just going to rain more today!! Naughty biscuit babies!! Look at their happy faces though!

HAHAHA! Mama! Look at us!!

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  1. This makes me laugh. Last time I checked, you were Christian, so it just kinda seems funny that you and Lauren stopped at 'Buddha' Tao and then went to your Christian church gathering. More random thoughts from yours truly. See ya.