Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whats up with the pirates?

Since when did it become Popular to be a pirate again? I seriously thought pirates were like extinct..hmm..and now they keep attacking people which just seems like something out of a movie! The news is just getting more and more bizarre lately.

So yesterday I faced my fears and went back to my new church. Crossings Community Church. There was a newcomer class last night, taught by the Pastor, so I thought it would be good for me to attend that if I truly wanted to become involved in the church..Well I did..and it was good! I was a little scared to go in there at first, but after listening to the Pastor, and meeting some of the staff, I realized that it IS the place I want to I'm going to jump right in! I'm excited to have finally found a church!

My parents are coming up this weekend to hang out a bit. Mom is taking her dog Junior to some sort of Cancer prevention thing at the Chesapeake Boat house. I'm not sure what she is talking about..but anyway..Speaking of dogs, here's one of our features furry friends from

Alice is adorable! This is one of those dogs that will keep you smiling! She bounces like Tigger - she doesn't jump ON you, just straight up! Very cute! As you can see, she also loves toys, but she especially loves them if you are there to play with her. She'll play tug with you, but if you let go, she pushes the toy back into your hand like she's saying, "Oops, you dropped it. Try again!". Good with other dogs. Crate trained. You will love this girl!

I LOVE THIS DOG! Look how cute she is!

Cammie is gorgeous, gentle, soft, calm, good with other dogs, crate trained, wonderful - there just aren't enough good adjectives to give this girl! She has a scruffy look, but her coat is silky soft. She is loving and doesn't mind at all that we humans can't seem to keep from giving her hugs and kisses! This beautiful honey brindle girl would probably fit in easily with any type of family.

If you are interested in adopting Alice, Cammy, or any other, just call 350-PETS, or if you would like to volunteer, drop off cleaning supplies, sponsor a pet, drop off old towels or blankets.. stop by: 701 Inla Avenue in Yukon.

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