Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Thursday

Well Hello!
So yesterday I went to the Doctor's office and as I was sitting there being examined I was thinking to myself "What is the Proper conversation etiquette when talking to the Doctor" because usually they are asking you to do weird things while they examine you..Take Deep breaths, lay on your back with your arm over your head, open up and say ahhhh.. So I mean during those times are you supposed to have a conversation with them, or just sit there and do as your told?
I always feel weird, so I make nervous conversation.."So How are your kids?" "Man the allergies are sure bad this year".. "How bout that snow we got!" Its pretty awful, but at least it takes my mind off what is actually happening..
I also got a little irritated when I went to fill my prescriptions..Who in the hell can pay for those?? I got a script for Claratin, Rhinocort, and one other, and it was $276.00!! With Insurance!! What! That is ridiculous!! I can't imagine how awful it would be if I was one of those people who had a monthly prescription and it had to be Athsma or heart medication..Its just ridiculous what people have to pay! But I did get the rhinocort nasal spray so hopefully it will stop my allergies for a bit.
Thanks again to everyone who has been emailing me about the April Fools day joke. Apparently we fooled a lot of people! But its always nice to be missed and loved, so thank you!

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