Monday, April 27, 2009

Hail of a Monday..

Well I had a very intresting weekend to say the least. Friday I took the babies to the vet in Weatherford. They had to get a bordatella shot, and Pays had a weird sore on her head..Turns out the sore was nothing more than a scab where her top-knot goes, so its all good. They didn't even cry from their shots. They were big people.. Sawyer now weighs 10lbs, and Payslee is at 6.3.

The babes also went to the groomers over the weekend. I had no idea Sawyer was so colorful under all that hair! I'm still letting their face-hair grow out, so thats why his face looks giant..but look at my pretty boy! Payslee got a new orange dress...she likes to show off.

Then on Saturday mom had a "White Trash Party Pageant" event for us to go to at the Elk City Civic center. The Dress was bizarre..Some people were dressed as hillbillies, some as white trash, some as queens, some as rednecks..I dressed up as a white-trash gang member. It was pretty bizarre...I had an ugly t-shirt on with 3 tear-drops on my eyes, tattoos, and my shirt read "Talk ____ Get hit" on the back! hahahaa! The sad thing, is that I actually stole that idea from an ACTUAL t-shirt that I saw in a bar in Canute.. lol..So we went to that..It was also the "Mrs. Red Dirt Pageant" which was a spoof pageant..Very funny stuff. Here's our group shot..

Then on my way home from that I ran into Severe Weather..and by severe I mean GIANT hail coming at me..I seriously thought it was going to come through my windshield! I got home to find the electricity off, and the dog-babies wondering what was going on! The ground was covered, so I took the babes outside to the bathroom and they started eating the hail! I guess they wanted an icy snack! Look at this hail!

My little dogs don't get scared during storms. I think its a shih-tzu thing..they are always just so happy and relaxed that not much bothers them. However, Rally is a big baby. He has to go into the closet, or you have to squeeze him by you or he will cry and get scared. However, He is not NEARLY as big a baby as my mom's dog Junior. When I got home Saturday evening the dogs were by themselves, and Junior had went a little nutzy. He threw all the stuff out of the closet in the laundry room and wedged himself in there! Look at that big baby!
So as you can see, I had a fun-filled weekend! This Wednesday we'll be hanging out with Pat Green. Keep listening to win your VIP ticket.. Have a great week!

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