Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shibbidy do da!

Well Hello! So this morning Lynn and I got into a conversation about Kenny Chesney. He thinks that he is weird because he never kisses or hugs the women that come with him to the awards shows. I don't think its weird, because who knows if he even KNOWS those women! I was pleasantly surprised when a bunch of MEN called in to defend Kenny! Hooray! and Thank you! I do NOT think Kenny Chesney is gay. I never have, and I've talked to several people from the Nashville scene that DO NOT think he's gay..Why is it that people are always looking for a reason to dislike someone? I like his music, and I could care less about his sexual preference.. even though I don't think he's gay!

Tomorrow we are talking about going to the doctor. I went last week for an annual checkup and I always just feel weird when they are doing their examination..I mean what are you supposed to say? You are already in a compromising position, and feel weird, so do you say, "So..how bout those Cowboys?"...or what? Should you just be quiet during the exam? Be thinking about that and call in and tell us tomorrow what you think "Proper Doctor's exam Etiquette" would be..

Oh, and by the way, I got a job as a blogger.. so if you would like to read my other new blog
click: http://www.examiner.com/x-7433-Oklahoma-City-Dogs-Examiner and enjoy my magical dog articles!! The best part of waking up.. is Sheperd in your cup! No? Nothing on that?

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