Monday, April 6, 2009

Things that are Irritating..

So here is a couple of things that are annoying..
1) Wind
2) Wind and Cold
3) Wind and Hot
4) And Wind
5) People that move, and leave their dogs behind to fend for themselves.

I say this because I went home over the weekend and mom had been telling me about these people who had moved out of a house and just LEFT 3 Cairn Terriers there!

So we went over and took pictures of them hoping to find them a home. So if you know of anyone who could give them a good home email me at and I'll give you more information about them. There are 3 of them and they are so happy to see people when you drive up the driveway...they just race up to you like, 'Are you here to be my family?' its so sad..How people could just leave them is beyond me. Thankfully some of the local farmers, and my mom have been stopping by to feed them everyday, so they are not starving, but it still makes me sad. Their hair is all matted and has stickers in it, but I know they would be so cute with a little love and grooming.
The ACM's were good last night. I loved the Trace Adkins song, and I loved the fact that he finally won an award! Yay! I was also happy Jamey Johnson won for song of the year, and that he let my delicious James Otto on stage to accept with him for helping him write. James looked good. I thought Jamey did a good job singing fact almost everyone sounded good last night. I was a little weirded out by Jennifer Nettles and her "Camera faces"..what was that about? It was like watching her on American Idol..I also didn't care for her dress. .I did think Reba did a great job, and I loved all her dresses, and Carrie looked beautiful as always. I think it would have been cool if they had invited Randy Travis to sing with her on "I told you So" though.

Other highlights for me, was of course Rascal Flatts..Even though Lynn didn't think Gary sounded good. I thought he knocked it out of the park! I think Gary has such a unique way of singing, and he really has to lean into it, so I was proud of them. So for me Top 5 Performances:

1) Trace Adkins--Till the last Shot's Fired
2) Rascal Flatts--Here Comes Goodbye
3) Kenny Chesney--We went out
4) The opening number with Brooks & Dunn
5) Jamey Johnson--In Color
I thought it was a great show this year, and I'm so thankful that Trace FINALLY won, plus he speech where he said, "I'm an idiot" made me laugh..I'm so proud of all my boys!!
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