Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to the vet...yet again..

WEll I had to go back to the vet yesterday because Payslee was making these bizarre sounds (see video below). I couldn't tell if she was reverse sneezing, snorting, or had a collapsed trachea! I was kinda flipping out, so I just decided to go ahead and take her in..Look at my sad little biscuit..

Well it wasn't a collapsed trachea (whew)! It turned out that she was having allergies due to the weather, and she was snorting..Kinda like trying to clear her throat, and making that sound. She got an allergy shot, and an antihistimine, and she was already better by yesterday evening. Mom says I can't have children, because I will spend all my time at the doctor's office! But all is well now..

So mom got a Nintendo WII for her birthday and she started playing it last night..Not sure she really loves it. I think she's scared of it! I'm going to get one for my birthday in September, and then we can trade games, and have all kinds of magical WII fun!

Tonight I'm going to be at Shorty Smalls at the Corner of Reno & Meridian. We'll have the new Face Showcase tickets for the first 93 people, 75 cent draws, and RIBS! So come on out!

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