Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today is Newface Showcase Day!

Hello James Otto.. I will see you in a moment..

Today is a busy busy day.. First off, I'm going to sing at Bradford Village. Its a nursing home, and I'm hoping my voice holds up. I don't sing a lot these days, and so I get to where I can sing about 4 songs and then my voice craps out.. I'm going to try to sing 8 songs today there, and hope for the best. I haven't decided if I'm going to take Miss Payslee or not. I'm sure they would love her there..I'll have to see what she has on her social calendar! It will be good practice since tomorrow I'm supposed to go back into the studio and record a couple of more tracks for the CD. I'm thinking that might not work out though, because after singing today at the nursing home, and then screaming all night for James Otto at the newface showcase, my voice will probably be boot. I shall hope for the best.

Tonight is going to be a fun night.. I've been waiting for it forever. I'm excited to see Justin Moore, David Nail, and Joe Nichols..but you all know where my heart lies...YES, its with MDO..My Delicious Otto! I don't know if he is bringing Shannon Lawson with him or not, but I hope he is..Shannon's great too. I'm going to be doing some "Webisodes" with several of the bands, so look for those, coming soon on the KKNG website. I'm going to try to chat with James, Joe, Justin (all J' and the Eli Young Band.

The show could very sound like dirtface tomorrow..I'm thinking we will be out till after 11 tonight, then I have to drive back to the Northside, so get ready for Mom, Lauren, Amy, Brandon, and Shelly are all coming to the show, so it should be funtimes.

So I went to eat Indian Food Tuesday....Uh Yeah..That didn't really work out. I think we (lauren & I) went about it all wrong..When we got there we were the only ones there, (we were eating pretty early) and we just went to the buffet and got random stuff..That was a mistake..We no likey..I felt bad because the manager came over and told us that usually when people are new to Indian food they give them the skinny on whats what, and
what they might eat..Well that didn't happen, so we had to leave.. So sorry..I'll try it again though.
Okay, well gotta run and get ready for the magical show. I'm presenting Joe Nichols with the "Artichoke" award for
having the only song in country music that says the
word "Artichoke".. See you all at the show!

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  1. I love James so much!!! (smiles)

    God bless you and him always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee